Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Replacement Laptop and the new Dopod

Remember about my old laptop that's constantly giving me problems? The screen problems with lines that keeps building up one after another.. and another incident of HDD crash.. really makes me pissed off already.. Anyway, it's been 3 years since I had the laptop and it doesn't really give me any problems until lately.. May be it's time to change I believe..
Well.. today is the last day I'm using that laptop as the company allow me to change to another lighter and more handy laptop.. It's Dell.. silver in color.. and smaller than the old IBM laptop I was carrying before. The transferring of files took me a few hours already.. so difficult.. but at last I managed to finish it up.. and now the new episodes of my Dell starts today.. with the new owner.. ME!
Somehow it was a twin happiness for me as I got myself a used Dopod for my usage too.. It's the old version, but still usable and the best thing about it is the usage.. and the camera is much clearer. I just like the new feature of the phone.. and I'm looking forward for the new Dopod to serve me in the future!

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