Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blackie's First Service

It’s time for Blackie’s first service.. Though the mileage doesn’t reach 1000km yet, I still need to service my blackie as I will be going back to my hometown after work tomorrow. I first made a booking via phone for my first service at Puchong, only to find out that the place is not open on public holidays. Imagine driving all the way to Puchong and not able to do the service.. just wasting of time and gas! SO I went to Cheras Service Centre for my car to be serviced. I tried to call them moments before I go there.. and thank god, they’re open even on public holidays.. Good! So, while waiting for the car to be serviced, I was seated at their waiting room, drafting this entry. Good thing they have wireless access and the waiting room isn’t that bad.. with sofa and TV and stuff.
They have a checklist on what needs to be done for the first service.. and complaints made that I can smell the smoke from outside while driving. They are gonna tighten something from somewhere in the engine to ensure that it can be fixed.. The car was finally ready! and I just need to pay less than RM100 for my first service.. which is cheaper than my Wira’s first service. I'm satisfied with the Blackie so far..

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Irwan said...

Told u... Maintainace will cost u less than national car..