Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr. Klang Parade 2008

I am now in Old Town Cafe, Klang Parade.. writing this entry while attending the Bodybuilding Contest currently held here. It is a yearly event for Mr Klang Parade event.. and this markes one of the few first competitions for the local bodybuilers to compete, before the next big competitions scheduled in the 3rd quarter this year.. like Mr Selangor, Mr. KL and Mr. Malaysia...
You can see those contestants backstage.. preparing themselves for the stage.. and some personal poses that we managed to snap during the competition..The guy's name is Ubai.. he is one of the winner of this competition.. nice body definition, eh? I used to do weight lifting quite some time ago.. for fun only... until when my arm is broken, I have no choice than to stay staill and forget about weight lifting and stiuff for at least 1.5 years.. at least that's what advised by doctors.. or I won't be able to recover..
Nice pose of the bodybuilder..So jealous and really envy those beautiful bodies that these bodybuilders shown here.. and I do hope to start back with my gym soon.. and redo back all my routines and stuff..

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