Monday, May 12, 2008

Makan2 @ Simon's Restaurant

Lunch time today is a very familiar place for me in Taipan USJ.. a Baba Nyonya makan place called Simon Restaurant.. I've been to the place before.. long2 time ago when my blog doesn't even exist yet.. and here I am again with another friend, Ryan for a quick lunch in Taipan USJ area.. Somehow this place has a quick lunch menu for a very2 cheap price.. and let's check out what we have..
The Sambal Sotong Set (RM5)..
simply delicious.. but damn hot.. I sweat like nobody's business while eating this..
The Spring Onion Chicken Set (RM5) This is Ryan's meal.. since he can't eat spicy food.. looks nice.. and it tastes good tooo..
The Dried Chilli Chicken.. This is an additional lauk I ordered as I really like it.. and it's so good too... Lunch time is always a full house here.. and we're lucky we managed to get the last seat at the most front line here.. The food is good.. and the price is quite cheap considering the tasty food they served at a very quick time.. Simply recommendable to all..


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

Aku rasa pernah makan kat sini lah.. pun lama dulu pun sebelum ada blog... tapi dah tak ingat rasanya lah

Anonymous said...

beruang madu beruang madu, jangan la tipu cakap pernah rasa makan, cakap je memang pernah makan pun, sapa tak tau beruang madu...hehe. semua kedai makan kat malaysia ni semua kenal dia hahaha.