Friday, May 9, 2008

Makan2 @ SACC Mall

It was during the lunch time yesterday that me and a few other friends followed Puan Sri to SACC Mall in Shah Alam for lunch. She wanted to do something with her ring for her father.. arrgghh.. I'm bad at putting all the facts together.. SO whatever her business is.. be it! heheh! Anyway, I've been there only a few times and this time Puan Sri suggested a very nice makan2 place for lunch. The place is called..
What impressed me most is the interior of the place.. simply nicely decorated!The place offered a lunch set at a very reaosnable price.. and we all opt for the lunch set each.. I chose Chilly Chicken with Rice set which is really good.. except that they have some wird herbs they put inside the cooking that's really disturbing.. some argued that it's halba.. while some said it is some other weird indian herbs.. well.. as long as it tastes good.. i'm fine with it.. hehe!
The rest of my friends chose Black Pepper Beef set.. which looks very2 tempting.. and their feedback were all good.. The best thing is that the set is complete with the salad and fruit.. fast lunch with nice taste!
There are a lot more of the food varieties to try.. and I will surely come again to try other dishes soon!

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