Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Accident @ Kesas Highway

It was a nice refreshing peaceful morning yesterday... filling up the colorful sky.. adding the marvelous view of the morning scenery.. I needed to rush to work early in the morning as I have to attend a meeting at the office.. and suddenly there's a very bad traffic jam right after the Kesas Shah ALam Rest Area.. and true enough.. there's an accident involving a few cars on the road.. one even turned turtle..That really cause massive jam along the highway.. but thank god the police managed to control the situation.. and the victims were all safe.. Morale of the story.. shit happens anytime even when you are the most careful one or trying very hard to avoid it.. so just be careful and always be caution at all time..

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emm emm said...

niko.. don't add to the accident statistics! pictures while ur driving past the accident, eh.. mana gambarnya pak polisi yang hensem tuh ? :)