Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jalan2 @ Colmar Tropicale

I've been wanting to go to Bukit Tinggi to visit Colmar Tropicale for quite some time already.. and today I managed to drive there.. The journey only took me about 45 minutes from KL.. and the scenery's just awesome.. the grenery is so eyes soothing and relaxing..There's an entry fees that you have to pay.. RM16 per person.. which allows you to enter Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Tea Garden and Botanical Garden.. Along the way, I'm just mesmerised with the very astonishing buildings that they have here.. simply marvelous! The first place that we're gonna go is The famous Colmar Tropicale.. It looks really pretty in photo,eh?The insight of the castle..SOme of the architecture you can see here!The couple with the Dutch like attire.. More photos of the building's architecture... My camera keeps flashing those photos as I see nice.. and it seems like evry corner of the place is so rich of the amazing scenery.. Nice place to visit.. and very relaxing here.. good for those who wants to get away from KL..
Next destination.. Japanese Tree House..

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