Monday, May 12, 2008

Brother's Car Accesories

I've been meaning to visit Brothers, the car Accessories dealer for quite a while, and this is the 4th attempt I'm trying to be here..and I managed to get in the place without worrying about the place being closed yesterday. You see, the place is closed at 8pm daily, including Sunday.. so it's hard for working people to go there..
Anyway, I have a list of the things I wanna check out in terms of price and availability here.. First, the glass tint for the car, which they have a variety of selections.. I'm just checking on the price.. and will do a price hopping from one to another shop soon..
2nd, the seat cover for my Blackie.. the current seat that comes with Blackie currently is so damn ugly.. I need to find at least a nice and decent cover to cover it up.. the one in cream or black is simply nice.. but they don't have the one that fits Blackie.. so frustrated laaa..
The last thing that I'm checking out is the TV screen in the car.. which also have a variety of selections.. and for the time being I just need to do some checking out on the price and selections available.. Many friends said that Brothers is soooo overprice.. and for the same selection and materials outside, you can get it at a cheaper price.
After marking out all those accessories that interest me, I will check out what other shops can offer and what's the price range is like compared to Brothers.. I end up not buying any single thing.. but the walk thru at Brothers really is a good one..
(will post more photos once I get it from my friend's phone)

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