Saturday, May 3, 2008

Makan2 @ Mak Tim Biryani

After Blackie's service, i promised a friend to go for a lunch with her, and later visits my other friend who's having a baby recently. But first, a rather interesting discovery of the Biryani Gam's place called Mak Tim Biryani..The restaurant is located at the roundabout of Keramat, right in front of Pernec office.. The place is rather nice.. from all the landscape they have from the outside.. to a very nice Biryani Gam they serve to their customers. Somehow this is the Johore style Biyani rather than the normal mamak stall.. so the taste is somehow different from the normal one..
I ordered Biryani Kambing (Lamb Biryani) and my friend ordered Chicken Biryani.. all at RM7 each. Very2 nice.. that's my promise.. Other interesting and nice dishes they offered are Murtabak Singapore, Mee soup and also the special drink.. bandung soda.. niceeeeee!One must try to know how good the food is..

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Mamita1111 said...

I just went there recently. It seems the price of their bryani has gone up by 2 bucks (rm9.00). I've tasted the murtabak s'pore, it has malay touch on the taste unlike the murtabak in s'pore at arab street. Overall the food is okay.