Monday, May 5, 2008

Pasar Payang Terengganu - Batik & Songket

The next trip after the breakfast look up was the Pasar Kedai Payang in Kuala Terengganu Town. This is the ever famous place in Terengganu to find handicrafts at a reasonable price.. and you can even bargain the price if you managed to manipulate those shop owners.. or the best bet is to bring the locals who can speak Terengganu language..Caution!!. the place is soooooo hot.. that I felt like I was in Sauna once I was there.. Anyway.. my aunt, who happened to be in Ganu for vacation also wanted to shop-till-drop here.. so I just go my separate ways while she went on shop by shop to check ouot and bargain the best she can. heheh!
Lots of very nice crafts you can find here.. among all is the ever famous SONGKET.. the trademark of Ganu.. I'm so attracted to the songket they sell here.. and beleive it or not.. the price is expensive like hell.. I guess a very decent and simple songket nowadays already reached RM1k and above.. what more with the special design.. and exclusive made design.. which can cost up to RM5k.. or even higher.. Crazy!! Somehow I managed to snap a few designs of Songket to share with all..Another craft that attracts my eyes is Tembaga(copper) which is widely used in a traditional wedding.. You can find a wide variety of selections here.. from tepak sirih to renjis mawar.. really nice!
And another craft that is as famous is the Batik.. so many designs that are the pleasure to the eyes.. so colorful with so many creative designs that one to visits here will be attracted to those.. It's quite expensive opening price that they tagged on each items.. but so long you know how to bargain.. then you will get a very reasonable price for the items you wanna buy here..Other handmade crafts are also sold here.. and keropok keping as well..It's so hot like hell here that I hafta get out of the place and start enjoying the sceneries of the surroundings.. So beautiful and peaceful town.. with acombination of modern and traditional setup.. it makes Kuala Terengganu unique to the eyes of myself.. and I bet many others would agree with me on that..

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