Thursday, May 22, 2008

MU vs. Chelsea finale

Did anybody not watch last nite’s games between MU and Chelsea? I bet most of us did.. the heat is on.. the radios were heating up with all those game’s prediction and opinions and feedback on what’s their predictions and stuff.. I decided to watch the game at Hartamas Square.. with the rest of others.. and I guess this is when you got all the spirits for the game and all..I didn’t manage to get the photos there as my phone is out of battery and so does my friends’ phones.. what a coincidence kan.. That’s ok though.. I’m neither gonna comment on how they played nor say bad things about MU.. just to share how celebrative the environment was in Sri Hartamas last nite..
And as predicted.. MU is the Champion’s League Winner 07/08.. MU beats Chelsea 6-5 on penalty kicks to win European soccer's Champions League last night.. Congratulations to MU on the victory! Anyway.. I’m not that die-hard football fan.. but I surely think that Chelsea played better last night.. and the winning team won simply because of the situation, and luck.. heheheh! Sorry MU fans! heheh! Enjoyed most of the games though.. (Photos courtesy of

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