Saturday, September 24, 2011


An empty office.. an empty heart..
It's so sad to say goodbye..
new chapter opens.. just let it begin!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Goshh.. I got into an accident again.. Blackie was hurt big time at the back.. tensionnyaaa.. I was at the traffic light stopping for the red light, when suddenly a van jerked off and hit Blackie.. cilak*&@^%#^& betoiii..That driver was quite an old uncle who freaked out big time when he saw me got out from the car.. confirm dia ingat nak kena tabohh dah tu.. ni mmg blood goes upstairs dah ni.. but still can cool down a bit since he immediately agreed to pay for the damage.. I hate this part the most.. waiting forever at the police station just to lodge a report.. and hafta come back some other day to pick up the signed report.. just for me to get another pile of report and photos of my own damaged car that I hafta purchase.. furthermore, I hafta buy the reports kat Dang Wangi.. entah sistem apa tah depa ni pakai.. menyusahkan orang lagi ada laa..Blackie needs to be in the clinic for about a week.. and that means I hafta borrow my mom's car to work.. Blackie.. cepat la siapp!