Monday, April 21, 2008

The booking.. and the long wait!

Everything is all set.. I've placed a booking of the car quite some time ago.. and there's hiccups and problems along the way.. Anyway, I managed to settle the hiccups with the bank, managed to the settlement letter from my bank, and now just waiting for the car to be out..
According to my agent Mr H, the car is now awaiting for the road tax from the slow ass JPJ, and after that wallaaaa.. the car is ready to be out..
I just can't wait.. I've been patient for quite some time.. and I won't compromise my patience anymore.. I'm ready to give up the old car's grant already... and get the new one now...
Come on.. Bring it on! Bring my new blackie on board!!

1 comment:

Irwan said...

yay!! Finally..... Welcome to NISMO CLUB! hahaha