Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Karaoke @ RedBox Ria

I'm supposed to visit my granny this weekend, but my financial is quite limited and I won't get the paycheck until 25th.. so I better stay in KL and do the routine weekend stuff that I normally do.It's been a while since I last go for a karaoke session, and today my friend insisted on me to go for a karaoke session at Red Box Ria in Sogo.Today is the English theme.. and we chose various songs from the 80s up till the latest songs.. With a very squirky, not-so-nice voice, we just sing those songs from the beginning till the last.. and I bet those who past thru our room will definitely close their ears to our bad voice.. hahahah!It's RM11++ for 2 hours of karaoke session and the lunch is provided with free-flow of various drinks. Definitely worth the money!

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