Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jokes For Fun 1

Dude bought a new mobile.
He sent a message to everyone from his Phone Book & said,
"My Mobile No. has changed.
Earlier it was Nokia 3310. Now it is 6610"

Dude: I am Proud, coz my son is in Medical College.
Friend: Really, what is he studying.
Dude: No, he is not studying, they are Studying him.

Dude: Doctor, in my dreams, I play football every night.
DR: Take this tablet, you will be ok.
Dude: Can I take tomorrow, tonight is final game.

Dude: If I die, will u remarry?
Wife: No! I'll stay with my sister. But if I die will u remarry?
Dude: No, I'll also stay with your sister.

Dude: People consider me as a "GOD"
Wife: How do you know??
Dude: When I went to the Park today, everybody said,
Oh GOD! U have come again.

Dude complained to the police: "Sir, all items are missing,
except the TV in my house."
Police: "How the thief did not take TV?"
Dude: "I was watching TV news..."

Dude comes back 2 his car & find a note saying "Parking Fine"
He Writes a note and sticks it to a pole "Thanks for compliment."

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