Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The laptop problem and Low Yat Plaza

My laptop is giving me a big-big problem today.. when I start it up, it's giving me the message "Operating System Not Found". I've asked around.. looking for possible reasons on what may cause the problem.. and the answers that I got were quite similar, might be the hard-disk crash.. Oh nooooo! hope that I can recover all my documents and files in the laptop.. Checked with the office and the technical person will only be in tomorrow to reformat my laptop.. So, I immediately go to LowYat Plaza, which is a very famous place for computer and accessories.. Went to this one shop and asked them to troubleshoot, which they later agreed. Funny thing is.. it took a few hours for them to troubleshoot just to find out that the laptop is already running as usual.. What a waste!Anyway.. I've already asked for my boss to exchange a new laptop for me as it seems, this one is giving me constant problem now.. First, it was the screen problem where a few lines already appeared.. and it keeps adding up day by day.. and now the OS problem that I encountered.. may be it's time to change to a new one already eh?
While I was in LowYat, I managed to get myself a device that can play MP3 from my thumbdrive for my new blackie.. Just hoping that it will fit and can be used in my blackie soon.. heheh!

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emm emm said...

oooohhh that was the device i saw in the glove compartment today ! didn't want to ask.. in case it was for 'sumthing else..' heee heee nice car, verrrry nice car, are you taking us out in it again soon ? :)