Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Emergency Call

I hafta go to Menara today for my Performance Appraisal for year 2007. It's been a few confusing days of determining who will be appraising me for last year.. the ding dong here and there, to decide who are the lucky person.. and at last the project manager of the project in Menara will appraise me. Lots of questions were asked in relation to my work.. and I think everything will be settled at once so I can get my yearly increment this year.. heheh!
It's just right after the interview session that I had a phone call from mu aunt informing me that my granny fell down in the bathroom and the condition is quite bad. My granny is quite old already.. she's 78 this year.. and she couldn't afford to trip or fall down as the bones are not that strong anymore. Have to rush back to my granny's house in Taiping.. just hoping that she will be ok..

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