Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cleo Bachelors of the Year Show

Went to the Curve to checkout what movie is available.. only to find out there's not many interesting movies showing. It started raining already and I'm trapped in the mall.. only to find out there's a Cleo Bachelor's event at the Centre Stage. I guess they have this event on the yearly basis to find out who's the most eligible Bachelor in town.. Serena C (the DJ) and Rashid Salleh (the actor) hosted the show, and they mainly asked the bachelors to participate in their ragging activity on the stage. A few familiar faces are present on the stage.. like Ebi Cornelis of EF5 and a few familiar models. It's so entertaining to watch those people participated in those activities with the MCs trying to make full use of them to dance, sing, act etc.. It's quite funny to see those people trying to be as charming as they can to the audience.. hahaah! Try your best guys!

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