Monday, April 21, 2008

A Tribute to My Wira

My Wira is giving me problems today.. Some problem with the aircond belt.. and it's giving some noisy sound.. As if she knows that I'm gonna leave him soon.. Like my friend Emma said, my Wira knows that I'm gonna divorce her for a new affair.. heheh! So i'm stuck at the workshop for quite some time until the car is ok.. at least until I get my new blackie, my Wira is still in good condition to sell..
My Wira has been a very good friend to me for about 6 years already. Being a national car with lots of teething problems expected, Wira never fails me with his charm and reliability. Most of the time, I won't find any problems with my Wira.. and at the age of 6 years, Wira is still reliable and still a good performer..
It's sad to let Wira go.. but life must go on.. I've made my decision.. and I'm ready for my new lover, the brand new Blackie from the block.. Heheheh!
Good Bye my Wira, and Welcome my new Blackie!

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emm emm said...

errrr... friend... you're divorcing .. 'him' ? heh heh.. thanks for the air-time, again.. and as i said earlier, she does know that you're leaving her for someone younger and more beautiful..!!