Monday, April 28, 2008

Team Building Day2

The 2nd day started quite early as we need to go for breakfast at 7.30am and later gather around for a morning activities at 9am.. I hafta say Bravo and give my thumbs up for the food served so far as its was a marvelous food we had...9am.. the team gathered for the rafting session.. we hafta take a short walk to the shore where the activities began.. What do we hafta do? Build a raft from bamboo, take the built raft to the flag in the middle of the sea, come back to the shore and tear it off to the original.. and later sail it to the sea to get the flag.. which is far, far away.. crazy!It's so exhausting and challenging mentally and physically.. but it was fun!
Afternoon session.. after lunch.. Indoor session.. with games and all.. the talks and presentation from a not-so-interesting speaker.. he could have done better.. plus all of us were dead-tired from the morning activity..
and later the outdoor management games.. every single session had its own objectives and lessons to learn.. and for fun, later we gathered at the volleyball court for a friendly match..Enough with all the activities.. we had a nice so called BBQ dinner at nite.. nice one with spaggetis and a few other stuff.. mingle around a while before we adjourned for free activities..Me and a few other friends decided to go to the pub and relax over the live-band.. The singer is really sporting.. with a very powerful voice.. and sexy too.. hahahah! Go back to sleep Mr Invisisble!!

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