Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bangsar Village.. to gym..

I must go to gym today!! so after the karaoke session ended, I immediately went to the gym for cardio. I need to bring down my weight as I'm ballooning up after the broken arm incident... tension! tension!As I entered Bangsar Village, there's some event happening in the mall.. and I'm most interested at this man playing a very fluent piano recital to the people in the mall.. simply beautiful choice of songs selected.. I think he is one of the disabled person.. but he plays piano beautifully.. Now I wish I can have the piano skills.. My dad always wanted to send me for an organ class when i was small, but it seems that I'm not that interested, so I choose to join scouts and outdoor activities rather than joining piano and organ class.. hahahah! Those days! Some other interesting views of the mall.. with a vintage car set up with nice decorations.. and the interior decor of the mall simply is a pleasure to the eyes..


Beruang Madu said...

Hmmm Celebrity Fitness.. nice kan gym tu... I pernah ke sana tapi just jalan jalan dgn my trainer... apa kelebihan Celebrity Fitness berbanding yg lain yer?? Rate dia bagus ker?? I member kat FF tapi entahlah, hati tak berapa suka lah ngan FF nih... ada sebarang cadangan ker??

NIKO75 said...

It's a nice gym but not so much convenient compared to FF.. If ur so used to FF, then the other gyms don't have what FF has.. the juice bar, wifi, cd rental, nice intro package (bag etc) when u join in.. all only at FF. Of course the equipment in CF is better.. but it lacks of the gym ambience.. the treadmill without headphone connected to TV, unfriendly staffs, selected shower with hot water, not even a supply of plastic bag for dirty clothes in the locker room.. you name it! I miss FF! Heheh!