Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Launching & Male exploitation

There's a party going on at the Centre Court of Midvalley Megamall.. and a few male models were there, shirtless with apron and jeans.. hahah! Other than body building at the middle of the mall (with the auties and small kids walking around.. what were they thinking??), this is the first time I saw males have been exploited in such a way. The whole world makes noise when it comes to female exploitation.. and when this scenery will soon be a norm, especially in Malaysia.. i beleive it is the time when we say that both genders are equal now.. wouldn't we? I do beleive the ladies will surely love the scenery here.. well.. If the ladies don't mind, and the guys don't care about it.. then why make noise? Hahahah!

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Beruang Madu said...

Exploited?? itu ker perkataannya... nampaknya semua orang enjoy the view... kalau lelaki berbadan cantik dan sanggup nak tayang, itu bukan exploited, itu sedekah kepada permandangan alam... sebab mereka suka dan sekitaran juga suka serta alami... tapi kalau perempuan itu baru panggil exploited sebab mereka membuka aurat... dan mendedahkan kepada jenayah rogol... lelaki kena rogol ker??