Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's been a while since I IC is giving me problem.. the chip is practically damaged, and i need to replace a new obe a.s.a.p.. I can't even change my bank card, check my epf's details, apply for asb loan etc.. tensi betoi laaa.. so I went to JPN putrajaya as advised by my friends.. and it's quite a shock to me that they have improved tremendously in terms of their speed, service and processing.. even the place is so nice one may feel at ease when dealing with JPN.. the little garden, clear signs and very systematic service, I spent about only 15 minutes for the processing.. even I can collect the IC within 24 hours.. nice work JPN.. hope other departments will use them as the model for efficient service.. anyway.. happy2 dapat new IC.. sukaaaaa!

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