Saturday, April 9, 2011


Friday.. casual day.. but stuffed with works to do.. bored a very packed activities this week, me and the gang decided to attack Alamanda for a movie.. Just Go With It! Review? A must watch movie.. kelakar tak ingat.. Aniston is simply amazing in this movie.. plus Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler's gf is WOWWWW!! but the weird thing is that only the clan gelak sampai nka pecah perut.. and a very few other people in the movie.. weird jugakk.. depa ni tak paham ka lawak Adam Sanndler.. well.. whatever laa.. Just go with it.. Another visit to Coffee Village for a coffee break.. same old thingy with all the pakcik makcik entah mana mai dok syok sgt singing a very2 old song yg tak pernah dengar pun.. semua macam syok sendiri pulak tu.. confuse aku.. Had drinks and chat.. when suddenly this time the clan forced me to go sing at the stage.. in which I surrender to their request.. and sang 2 songs, a Broery song and another Jay-Jay song.. habis kucar kacir suara ke laut laaa.. lantak la.. hahahah!
Had fun.. and went back home at 2am.. update blog.. and tidorrrr...

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