Monday, July 7, 2008

My Sick MakTok (Granny)

"You've Got Message".. shout the woman's voice on the phone whenever the new message arrived.. I immediately checked out my message:
That's the message that I got from Mom.. I immediately gave a call and got to know that my grandma is admitted to the hospital due to weak heart and very2 high blood pressure. Worries immediately filling myself.. and I have no choice than to rush back to Ipoh to visit my grandma.. I've grown up with her for quite some time.. and being very close to her.. I'm regarded as the favorite boy of the grandchildren.. and being with her makes me feel being loved at all time..
She's quite weak when I arrived at the hospital.. and she was mumbling and swallowing her words while talking to me.. the doctor said it was merely because of the medication n reaction.. and I do hope it is! The doctor is treating her with utmost care.. simply because my mom used to be a sister (head nurse) in GH before.. thank god! In life, you must have connection to get a good results.. or else people will treat you differently.. which is so sad, eh! Will get info from time to time to ensure that she will be ok!

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