Friday, August 1, 2008

Another round of Bowling Training

It's just another round of bowling training at IOI Mall Bowling Alley.. and I'm yet to get the skills of bowling with my left hand. Considering that all these years I've been bowling right-handed, when I broke my right arm, it's simply kills my bowling days.. I used to take bowling classes back then in my college years, and bowling has been my weekly activities, apart from waterfall hopping.. then..I hafta admit that my scores were really2 bad since I started my left handed bowling.. and that means I still hafta practise twice as hard as I can to ensure my left-handed skill is at par, at least.
Just me, Fakhri and Puan Sri attended the training this time, and being one of the bowling freak, Fakhri bought himself a new set of bowling ball, shoes and glove at the bowling shop here.. which cost him RM270.. quite cheap eh? So many choices of balls to select, and the guy is making a hole on the bowling ball on the spot..I'm planning to get myself a set of those next month.. so I can have the motivation to train as much.. heheh!

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