Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Cheap PetFish Market @ Pasar Pudu

Still remember Pasar Pudu where I used to buy cheap aquarium fish? Well.. i went there again in the search of the Parrot Fish.. again..The market is so busy as usual.. and this time there are so many fish stalls are open as well as the visitors.. may be because of the payday early of the month..Fishes in the basin and and plastics occupying the stalls..This is what I've been looking for.. The Parrot Fish..bought 6 of them to occupy the front aquarium..The discus is really cheap here.. RM6 each.. and got myself a few additional Koi Fish as well...Checkout the sucking fish.. that's a huge one.. Need to rush back to clean the aquarium and the pond as well..

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