Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Abandoned Old Folks Home @ Jalan Pudu

While I was walking back to my car, I can't help but to notice the Old Folks Home at the side of Jalan Pudu.. It seems that the place is abandoned already since new buildings starts taking places in KL so rapidly it seems that this part of town is quite abandoned already.. I wonder how the place looks like 20 years ago.. with Pudu being one of the most famous place for the KL people to shop.. things changed now.. and I can see the empty shoplots and seats that used to be a cafe before.. the horses that used to be the children's playground is left unattended.. and it's so full of immigrants at this part of the town I started to think this is quite a dangerous place to loiter around..
At least what I usually do when I come here is to underdress.. with faded pair of jeans and old tshirts with a RM2 faded slipper.. and acts confident as if you are there frequently.. it can prevent you form being snatched or robbed..However, it's the most heavily traffic area in KL as you can pass by the route to Maluri here.. and that is what makes this part of place still have the population here.. and I still think that I'm gonna be here again for those extremely crazily cheap aquarium fishes here..

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