Friday, August 8, 2008

Bowling Practice @ Sunway Mega Lanes

It's time to practise bowling again and again to get my left hand used to bowling and to gain more scores.. though I'm not playing for the competition, but still the spirit of bowling is really high in me..I still remember my prime times where I can easily score 180 almost every set.. and I'm so.. dissatisfied of not having the opportunity to do that again.. may be with continuous training.. I may get my a good score being left-handed.. hehehe!Anyway, this time the practice was in Sunway Mega many professional players here.. it made me so uncomfortable.. but who gives a damn.. i don't care! and I kept training with my left hand although most of the time its either the left or right drain.. hehehe!I feel more comfortable bowling at IOI Mall and I think i'm gonna be bowling there from now on..

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