Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Waterfront Bazaar

Kuching Waterfront.. this place has been a long time favorite place to shop when one comes to Kuching.. this is what makes Kuching unique.. the waterfront is developed in such a way that it's good for shopping and relaxing.. and perfect for photo taking of the peaceful yet lively city.. perfect huh? The latest Sarawak Convention Centre on the other side of Sarawak River.. simply a breathtaking building.. the new landmark for Kuching.. The row of old but refurbished shophouses where the goods and crafts shops are located.. The modern boat with the high rise buildings overlooking Sarawak River.. The small sampan to cross to the other side of Sarawak River The varities of crafts from Indonesia and local made are sold here.. I'm crazy about wood crafts, so this is really a long stop for me to check out what they offer.. and the ever famous Gambir Sarawak.. which is made from getah gambir.. and the usage?? Go figure! Hehehe!Lots of Indon made and also local made kain also sold here..and rows of sarawak pottery to choose from.. but the price is quite expensive here laaa.. Rows of Kek Lapis occupying the streets of the shops.. this is really fast becoming the new icon of a gift from Kuching.. the very nice colorful varieties of Kek Lapis awaiting for people to try and buy..
Along the way, I saw this guy with a local traditional guitar like, called Sape.. played a lullaby on the street.. and with its unique sound, who wouldn't stop to check out the sound of Sape.. so nice and the fresh from farm Black Pepper just arrived to the shop.. at only RM16 per kg.. my frined said it was cheap.. so I bought some for my mom.. I would say you can find almost everything here at the Waterfront.. a must go place when visiting Kuching..


mike said...

Nik the new building opposite the waterfront is not the convention center it is the new Dewan Undangan Negeri

NIKO75 said...

ooo.. ya ka mike? silap lorr.. will correct the facts.. heheheh.. thanks mike..

Anonymous said...

Yo Rugi I tak ikut pi kuching...sighhhh