Monday, August 18, 2008

Kuching City Day View

It a final day here in Kuching.. and I gotta say that it’s a freaking awesome place! From amazing crafts, to good marvelous food, to beautiful city, Kuching is a great place to visit. After spending two days in Kuching doing some specific activities, which was fantastic, we took a city tour during the final day of my stay here.. I'm just gonna post photos here.. lots of them.. so enjoyyyy!

The combination of modern and historical buildings.. More or the city view..
The cat replica.. Kuching means 'Cat' in Malay Language.. and the accident that havocs the city.. I have no idea how the lorry can cross the road like that.. hehehMore of the cat replicas.. and leaving Chinatown at last.. All in all, it was an eye-opening experience, and I would highly recommend y’all check out Kuching if you get the chance!


mak lang said...

tak pergi kampung budaya ke? kalau tak pernah ke kuching, elok la pegi kg budaya, macam melawat satu sarawak..

NIKO75 said...

tak sempat nak pegi la maklang.. time is so limited that my plan to go to Bako and Kampung Budaya was cancelled.. Takpa.. I'm planning to go there again by the year end.. so boleh la pegi semua tu.. heheheh!