Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arriving at Kuching

So many people queuing at the airport, going the the same destination.. and since it's school holidays now, people took this time for Cuti2 Malaysia.. and being so laid back and enjoying my unreasonably expensive breakfast at the cafe, I was late to get in the flight until the annoucement was made under our name.. kelam-kabut aku lari.. hahahah!Arriving in Kuching, I'm so impressed to see the new airport, which is totally different from the last time I came here 5 years ago.. Susan and Mike were there to fetch us.. and immediately brought us for lunch.. Kuching is experiencing lots of new development, and I can see so much difference from the last time I came.. Along the way, there are new houses and shoplots developments everywhere.. and even a brand new huge shopping mall is up along the way to the town.. We had our lunch... my first Laksa Sarawak of the day.. very delicioso! ..and later back to their huge house to rest a bit and freshen up. Lots of new activities to do later..

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