Friday, August 8, 2008

Memories Of The College Days

The moment I arrived at Ole-Ole, all the previous memories came back to mind.. Ole-Ole, located at Section 18 of Shah Alam, used to be where I stayed during my colleague years.. The location of Ole-Ole Mall used to be the stalls where we all used to dine during dinner 15 years ago, during my ITM years..As all the memories rushed back to mind, I can't help but to flashback the activities we had during those years.. how we got the Nasi Lemak from Giant, which was really2 famous during the time, and how we used to dine in KFC and sneaked a bottle of Chilly Sauce every time we git back to the hostel.. and how we lepak2 at Esso and in front of the hostels with the girls and got warned by JAIS as we were being suspected of khalwat and wrongdoings.. and how I was mistakenly called a Giant worker when I wore my favorite green tshirt.. hahahah! Oohhh.. those memories..During the time, only Giant exists in the place.. even the shop houses haven't been built yet.. now all is changed.. not only the place has Ole-Ole Mall, but also the shop houses are all surrounding the place.. and on top of that, there's even Mydin Mall here.. which makes the place so different from now.. If only these facilities were around 13 years ago, things would be much easier.. so we don't have to go all the way to Plaza PKNS to get things, or Subang Parade to shop.. If only I can turn back time.. I will study harder and enjoy life more.. as I won't be getting those anymore!

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