Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fellow Blogger Being Detained

I read in the newspaper that a fellow blogger, Penarik Beca is detained by the police a few days ago over an article in his blog.. however being released last Saturday on police bail..Resources said that he was detained under Section 4(1)(c) of the sedition Act over an article in his blog which showed a modified logo of the Royal Malaysian Police. which I have yet to see..
It's amazing how the power of blogging has become a threat to certain people nowadays.. The technology has emerged to rapidly overtake other mediums of information.. and in this case newspaper is not the only medium for people to communicate anymore..
Anyway.. everyone is entitle to their own opinions and people are more open to voice out their thoughts and wisdom over their believes.. As for me, I'm not that interested neither in political view nor in any sensitive issues, but I do believe this kind of people is still needed to balance out things.. but at the same time, everybody has to respect the borders and boundaries when conversing with the rest.. I will still move on with the sharing of my leisure activities and life.. as long as I'm happy..

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