Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Blues and BodyAche

My body is all aching from the workout last 2 days in a row.. I can't even get myself out of bed this morning.. My nights these few days were all very good one.. as soon as I put my head on the pillow.. it was the time when i started to pass-out.. until morning..
But this morning seems to be quite different.. My legs were both cramped up, my body was all aching here and there it was hard for me to even get out from my bed to even go to pee.. I first woke up at 7am from the very irritating sound of my alarm clock.. but before I knew it, I just turn it off and fell asleep again in no time.. that I only woke up very2 late at 10am.. after I heard the loud ringing continuously from my cellphone.. and it was the calls from Puan Sri who woke me up.. if not god knows what time will I wake up.. hehehe!
I know I've been putting myself over limit since I became the gym member again.. It was such an intense workout since I started my gymming days since last week.. It was 1 and a half hours of cardio workout and a lot of sets of abs and legs workout.. and for someone who stopped gymming for quite a while, and now starting again.. I will have to take it easy first..
I know I need to take a rest.. but the spirit over gymming again is so high and at peak now that I will need to go to the gym again today..

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