Thursday, August 28, 2008

Makan2 @ Anuja Restaurant Pudu

My friend always mentioned about this restaurant for so long, and the moment they asked me to join them, that's the offer I wouldn't want to miss.. The place is right in front of Puduraya, one of the busiest place on earth.. hahaha!
Somehow the place is located on the first floor, and I can't believe that the place hidden from the outside world was so full, packed of people.. It's the Banana Leaf style, and all of us ordered Biryani Rice, with Fried Chicken.. Almost everything is perfect, superb taste, great meal, marvellous smell.. and we ended up smiling with a full stomach.. What more with the Teh Tarik.. simply one of the best in town.. my friend who was a regular here got himself a Green Tea with Cow Milk, which is also nice.. hafta try it the next time I visit this place...
All in all, it was worth the trip to come here to eat, with a reasonable price and marvelous taste of food, I simply can't wait for the next visit..

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