Monday, August 18, 2008

The Seramic Pottery

The flight was delayed.. so that means I still have time to explore Kuching town more.. I'm most interested with the local products, and the crafts mostly.. and this time I'm exploring the local ceramic pottery at Bt.6 nearby Susan's house..It's a huge place with the ceramic pottery showroom that places many types of local made pottery.. Known with the local identity of unique craft, I'm amazed with how the crafts were made and marketed to the tourists.. There are a huge selection of decorative table lamps, decoration pottery, water dispenser,and lots more of the selection you can choose..The two ladies were enjoying their moments at the store.. and I'm the one who's so contemplated to buy those pottery, but couldn't do so because of the rattan carpets that I bought earlier will definitely take up space.. and I won't wanna be overcharged.. may be next time laaa..

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