Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Lunch @ D'Tandoor Subang

Yesterday was the launch of our project.. which means that the project has successfully Go-Live yesterday.. with some minor hiccups here and there.. and today the company decided to celebrate the Go-Live with the Lunch Treat with our client at D'Tandoor..The place is located in Subang Jaya, right in front of SJMC.. a small shop lot that can accommodate about 50 people at one time.. D'Tandoor is a Northern Indian Cuisine that is famous with Naan and Tandoori.. and with quite a cheap buffet lunch, RM19 per head, I guess the place is an ideal place to be for lunch..Not so variety of food you can choose, but the one that they served is enough to make you falling asleep on your way back.. heheh! A range of Naan and biryani, with Chicken Masala and Mutton curry.. added with the Fish tandoori.. enough to get all these people filling up their plate for 2nd and 3rd time.. and then they ate this small colorful rice size sweets, which tasted more like herbs to me..My friend said that Shish Mahal Restaurant, which is located a few doors away is even better, and I will try that next week.. If you ask me whether the food has lots of varieties for buffet, I would say no.. but if you ask whether the amount you pay is worth the food you get.. I would say yes.. provided if you eat lots of them.. and I'm one of 'them'.... heheheh..

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