Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meeting Shirley and Dinner @ Kampung Buntal

We were supposed to meet Shirley and her hubby earlier, but since our trip to Serikin took longer than it would, we met up with them quite late, over the late lunch.. Shirley, my university mate is also pregnant.. It was quite a good meeting as it's been years that we all haven't met each other and putting us all in one place really gave a havoc to the place.. The 2 pregnant ladies talking to each other over drinks.. so cute and funny! I once asked them to put their rounded tummy on each other together so that the babies can talk to each other too.. and it will look cute... and I was the one who get scolded at last.. hahaha!
Late in the evening, we drove all the way to a famous place for seafood, called Kampung Buntal for a seafood makan2..the trip was about 1/2 an hour all the way to Santubong area, where the Sarawak Cultural Village is located.. Unfortunately, the image wasn't that satisfactory that I can only get some of them in the blog.. Check out what we have..
The Midin.. or Pucuk Paku goreng belacan.. The Bamboo Shell with curry..Sotong Masak Chili.. and Siakap Sweet & Sour.. and a few other more..
We had a fulfiling dinner and later had a walk at the beach there.. too bad it's at nite.. so we can't see the scenery.. the end of 2nd day..

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