Sunday, August 10, 2008

Makan2 @ Laksa Pasar Malam Bangsar

I've always been a regular here at this auntie's laksa at Pasar malam in Bangsar.. although i'm still very full from the kenduri eating fiesta during lunch, I still went to Bangsar when my friends insisted me to join them for another round of laksa eat out there..This is a very famous laksa.. located simply behind the vegetable stall.. and you can easily find the place for a bowl of yummy can see the ingredient on the table.. lots of fish meat, and mint leaves.. and otak udang of course.. simply the best.. my friends are all eating like crazy.. I can't even finish mine and gave the bowl to my friend to settle it up for me.. heheh!The Rojak Buah is also nice here.. and what made it even more special was to share it with the loved ones.. my friends.. really good!

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