Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The election at Permatang Pauh

It's the hit of the town.. and it was the day people have been waiting for.. and Permatang Pauh is full of people crowding the area to vote.. and as expected, Anwar won the election there, thus coming back to Parliament soon.. I’m a non partisan guy, but i like the guy for his guts and struggle. He's like a phoenix and I think he deserved to be heard after all his hard work. Somehow this kind of competition is good in the cabinet, so it wont be a monopoly. And the leading ones cant simply do things suka hati je.
Yup, i think we a ready for a dual party govt.. yeah.. and looking from what's happening now.. its a healthy competition. It is said that one party has been a spoilt child for so long and it's time to put some senses to them... Well.. one thing for sure, i cant wait to watch the live telecast on tv1.. heheh.. must be more interesting! Can't wait..

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