Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Steamboat Dinner

We were supposed to attend Kuching Fest at night for the orgy of local food galore you can find here.. but the crowd being so full and massive traffic jam at the area, plus we were starving to the max forced us to find a restaurant for dinner first..
It was my request that we go to a steamboat place called Hornbill, but upon arrival there, the place was quite packed up and the food is not that much already, so we decided to check out the new place behind Hornbill..
The package is so cheap here, at RM16 per head, and varieties of choices we can get! Apa lagi.. wallap laaa... The Pregnant Susan and Mike were so patiently setting up the steamboat pan.. you guys are so cool! Checkout the varieties.. just choose any and boil it or cook it yourself.. From plain to barbecue choices of chicken, meat and seafood choices.. The finished food.. yummy! and the full faces of them all.. Yeah I know, I was not in the photo.. I'm a photographer, remember?

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