Saturday, August 23, 2008

MYINVISIBLESELF is now a-year-old

My blog is now officially ONE YEAR OLD.

Happy Birthday to you Myinvisibleself!

There are lots of moments that I managed to capture here. moments of happiness and sadness.. moments of joy.. and moments to remember for..

I believe the blog has matured with time all this while.. with the contents are more structured and the photos are well taken compared to the the early days..

I still remember when I first started my blogging days.. I was in Sungai Besi Town when I met the tallest man in the world and took his photo.. and later made me think how do I wanna keep it safely so I can still view the story and photos in the year to come.. and that is when the idea comes into my mind to blog.. questions came into my mind like can I keep the momentum? can I update my blog daily? can I write? am I a storyteller? bla bla bla.. but I decided to give it a try.. and on my bed late at nite, I registered at blogspot.. and started by first entry.. and surprisingly.. I felt good about it as soon as I posted my first en try.. heheh!

Then, entries by entries being published day by day.. and I that is when I know I have the passion for it.. Well, never I would imagine that my blog can last this long.. knowing myself being quite lazy to update the entries and stuff.. but alhamdulillah I managed to keep my blog as one of my beloved treasure.. and I'm truly happy that I started blogging at this exact date last year.. and I promise to keep it at my utmost care as long as I live.. this i promise you! heheheheh...

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