Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Makan2 @ Chicken Hartz Buffet

Ever been to Chicken Hartz Buffet? All you can eat chicken based buffet until you puke.. heheheh.. well.. lunch today was at this chain in Sunway.. All you can eat for RM23 nett.. Varieties of chicken based cooking, from fried chicken, fried gizzards, fish fillet to the pasta, rice to chicken curry and salad.. all you can eat until you drop.. The food is not that marvelous in the sense of taste, but the idea of eat till you drop for as long as you can stay there (till 3pm only maaa) really makes it a good deal..We actually chat from movies to gossips over lunch.. and walk over the buffet line as many times as we wanted.. .. and refill the drinks as many times as possible.. and left the place at 2pm.. Huarrrggggghh! Now I'm sleepy.. zzzzzzzzzzz...

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