Monday, August 18, 2008

The Satok Market and Terubuk Masin

Another Must-Buy item when one is in Kuching is none other than the Terubuk Masin.. and the best place to get it.. Pasar Satok.. Many stalls sold the same exact item.. and it took one who knows how to differentiate between the the fresh one or not, and between the local fish or not.. and many times people are more interested in the cheap one without checking the quality and stuff.. and I too was one of them.. heheheh!The other very difficult item to get is the Terubuk Masin egg.. really damn expensive at RM30 per kilo for the normal one.. and the special one, like this.. it reached RM88 per pack.. crazyyyyyyyyyy!What interests me the most is how ready the Kuching people in terms of packaging.. they have all the boxes ready and the way they pack their goods are really satisfying.. be it ikan masin, kek lapis or tembikar or even the tikar.. everything is packed very neatly.. something rare in other state..well done guys..and oh yeah! the tapai here is wrapped in daun palas like this, which is nice too..


Anonymous said...

There are 2 types of terubok masin, one imported from Burma (cheaper but lagi lemak, suitable for deep fried) another the local Sarawak itself (dearer & good for masak lemak)Normally we go for the Burma, it's tastier if u deep fried them. So, next time you know which to buy. And the bigger ones are better. - Susan

NIKO75 said...

A very good advise indeed from a dear friend.. Susan, thanks for the info..

Mike said...

Nik you punya blog macan buat promosi cuti-cuti malaysia...hahaha. Great write up and nice shots of all the famous monument in Kuching.