Saturday, December 29, 2007

TOW Jalan2 Terengganu and the beach

While I was in Terengganu last 2 days, I decided to take a ride touring Ganu town. Kuala Ganu will be annouced as the city status (Bandaraya) come January 2008, so they are putting a finishing touch before the grand ceremony. I just put all the photos snapped of K.Ganu.. Also went to Pantai Chendering, a beautiful beach but kinda neglected. I don't know why, may be because of the location is quite far from Kuala Ganu. The sea is quite rough, considering it's monsoon season now, and managed to snap a few potos of the rough sea. Nonetheless, I'm more interested to see many people with different activities.. Check it out. A bunch of guys in a van picking up on the ladies on a bike. Cheeky!!

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