Sunday, December 2, 2007

TOW A moment in Merdeka Square

I can't beleive it.. This is actually the first time thru out my whole life I first took a goofy long walk at Dataran Merdeka. Haha! All these while it's just either a pass thru via car or a glance over the car window from far. I've been meaning to take photos of Dataran during the day and nite.. and yesterday, I managed to do that.I was actually there for Karnival Usahawan which my brother got in selling labu Sayong of Kuala Kangsar. It's a short noticed S.O.S call from my brother asking me to help him at the stall, so I went over and make myself useful there.
It's so nice here, you can see nice views of KL downtown scenery from here.. Darnnn!! I didn't bring my camera, so just took picture from my phne camera, which isn't that good a quality. Lots of activities here, from stalls selling varieties of local food to activities here and there.Kids praticing their Tae-Kwon_Do movements and the below one with Inang dance.The many faces of Dataran Merdeka in the evening..(Merdeka Square)Later, Merdeka Square at nite.. beautiful!!And more.. and more.. So awesomely beuatiful.. I'm crazily taking pictures that nite.. though it's only via my camera phone.. It's so beautiful outside.. nice weather, nice place.. plus i don't know when am I gonna be here again.. errmmm.. then again, I don't think so.. heheh!

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