Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TOW Selamat Pengantin Baru

I've been very2 busy last weekend.. It's my cousin's wedding in Port Klang and I had to go back and forth to Port Klang to help with whatever we could before the wedding actually kicked off last Sunday.The house was packed with people the day before the event. Families and friends gathered to help getting ready for the gifts for the wedding. Some others were busy outside preparing for the event, i.e. setting up the chairs and tables etc. The canopies for the event is properly set-up to ensure enough people were seated during the day.Food was served delicately to cater for the guests who came for the event.People was running around helping with the events to make sure everything was in order.A kompang performance to ccomodate the bersanding event. And here's the couple on pelamin striking their best smile. And at the Grand Table for lunch.Meanwhile, A karaoke session was in place to entertain the guests.. with guest amateur artists singing the numbers. This is the chance to get to see the families again, having a good chat and catching up with what's left. Checkout the girl wearing yellow tudung in the middle, so cute, eh.. You think?? Heheh!It was a very simple yet very merry event, celebrated by the families and friends.
I had a chance to sneak a peek at the bride and groom's room.. neatly decorated. Simple yet elegant..There's also another event at night, Get-To-Know-The-Family Event. It was more personal and attended by the fellow family members only. Since this is the groom's event, it is the time for the groom the introduce the bride to the family members of the groom. Opened some of the gifts while waiting for the wedding cakes to arrive. Someone who's supposed to bring the cake really spoilt the event!! It has been a tradition in our family for so long and this is the time for the us to know the bride vice versa. Members of the family are also provided with Satay and Noodle Soup for dinner.Cake Cutting Ceremony also held at nite, only with the closest family members. To Humaizi and Sha... May God bless both of you and may your marriage long lasting till the end of your life. Selamat Pengantin Baru

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