Saturday, December 29, 2007

TOW Keropok Lekor & Big Mug Fruit Juice

We stopped by to buy the ever famous Keropok Lekor of Terengganu at a place called Kampung Losong. Whoever goes to Terengganu must buy Keropok Lekor as part of their shopping plan in Ganu. To those who doesn't know what Keropok Lekor is, it is made from fish mixed with flour made into dough, and cooked either boiled or fried. The keropok is eaten with a special home made chilly sauce, makes it even more yummy!! The worker busy making the keropok into dough. This time I'm buying lots of boiled keropok for us to bring home to KL. Look at the makcik packaging the keropok for us. The keropok here is very nice and we've been a client since I was small. Look at the boiled keropok awaiting to be cooked. For those who wants to go to Ganu and wants to buy keropok, this place is perfect for boiled keropok to bring back to your home destination.. Why boiled? Because you can keep it longer before you fry it again at home. And this is good for the fried keropok to be eaten immediately.
Anyway, right after buying Keropok Lekor, I went to Big Mug Fruit Juice at Seberang Takir. It is quite famous in Terengganu and a must to visit as it offers varieties of fruit juices in a big mug. Just name it, you'll get it. Anyway, as it's quite early, nobody's here except us. All the seats are empty and it felt weird having drinks with no one around. I ordered Pineapple and grapes without sugar while my friend ordered Watermelon and Lychee Float (with Ice cream). Somehow about the size of A&W mug I had earlier in the evening at Pantai Batu Buruk.
A must visit to ease your thirst.

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