Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's all started when a friend of mine called me as he was stranded in the middle of the PLUS highway near Sg. Buluh exit.. OUT OF GAS! hahahah.. and that was when I brought him gas.. and one thing led to another, I ended up in Rawang town to check out for the tyres, which is claimed to be cheap there.. Well, I planned to change my tyres for quite a while already, as my back tyres gone bald already.. and when I checked the price here, undoubtedly the cheapest in town.. rm150 per tyre.. but when they told me that all 4 tyres need to be replaced.. that was when I tepuk dahi.. dah lari budget ni.. aiyoooo!So, after manipulating some maths and redo some calculation, all 4 tyres were replaced, and I'm down to pokai already for raya.. so how? adoiii.. better stay still and keep quiet la for this raya.. (tepuk dahi again.. hahahah).. jgn sapa2 nak gatai mintak duit raya la this raya.. ada nak kena makan tyre la tuuu.. hahahah!The sports rim here looks very2 tempting.. will definitely come again la after raya.. I want one of those!!

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